African-American Architects: The Numbers 2015

by Katherine Williams, AIA, NOMA

Since 2010, I have been tracking the number of licensed African-American architects to understand how this group is faring along their professional paths. My analysis is based on the numbers that are reported by the Directory of African American Architects.**
Last year was a banner year with 66 AA architects reporting that they received their initial license. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who achieved this great accomplishment! This is a three-fold increase from 2014. The last time the count was in the 60s was in 2009.


Year 2011  2012  2013  2014  2015 
Men 33 30 25 16 41
Women   14 13 14 12 25
Total 47 43 39 28 66

There are lots of factors that could be contributing to the increase.  Read more…