Jun 16, 2018  
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Mar 10, 2018  
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Hurricane Sandy and Its Aftermath
November 04, 2012

Dear Colleagues:
This past week has been difficult as the nation experiences the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. Lives have been lost and lives have been forever changed. My thoughts and the prayers of NOMA members everywhere go out to you, your family, friends, colleagues, and communities who are suffering and dealing with tragedy.

NOMA is aware of the results of Sandy on the built environment and communities and is asking for you to help in any way that you can. If you know of NOMA members in the Northeast, send an email, text, or post on NOMA’s Facebook, Twitter (@NOMArchitects) or LinkedIn sites expressing their safety and/or immediate needs.
I encourage NOMA members to make a donation to the American Red Cross or other relief organizations. If you are in the Northeast area and can contribute your time please contact Architecture for Humanity.  NOMA would also like your input if you are interested in participating in the long-term reconstruction efforts ahead.

For all those affected, know that NOMA is with you and you are part of a bigger “family”.

This tragedy, will challenge our members to look closely at sustainable design, disaster relief housing, and infrastructure design and longevity. For our architects, interns and students, we challenge you to become involved and implement principles that will be necessary for the livability of our future communities.

Sanford Garner, NOMA, AIA
2012 NOMA President