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AMHE Haiti School Campus
AMHE Haiti School Campus
Cap Haitien, Haiti 
Total School 343,323 sqft
Open Space (40%) 137,289 sqft
Total School Campus 480,512 sqft
Hired by AMHE as an architect to design a new school campus since AMHE’s existing school was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake; Pascal St. Louis then brought this project to ACE Mentoring program in which she mentored high school students and together we designed the campus.
To design and solve logistics to build a sustainable boarding school campus for 1,500 students ranging from elementary through High School that is able to withstand earthquakes as well as hurricanes in a flood prone area.  
The complex program included learning centers such as classrooms and labs, campus shared program such as gymnasium and auditorium, and community resource such as the library, campus support spaces such as the admin offices and cafeteria and lastly the residence.
The hands are a symbol used around the world to convey the idea of support, and connection, the goal of which was the essence of this project. This campus was not to be a high fenced private complex but instead a resource to the community. In using the concept of the hand we developed landscaping topography patterns, circulations paths, and building compositions. The palm of the hand for instance some may say can help tell a persons future. Ones future is bright when they understand their past. Therefore for this campus central green space was the “palm” that connected most of the major programs and most importantly the paths were derived on axis with major landmarks all over Haiti, conceptually not just tying the campus to the immediate context but to the country as well.